Rachel Kirkland, The Modern Shaman, is a world renowned Psychic and Shaman. She has appeared on the BeYou channel, Spaced Out Radio, and was recently awarded “Best Female Medium in the World” in the 2016 World Paranormal Awards!

As a Modern Shaman, she is am able to SEE and EXPERIENCE the UNSEEN world around and within us. She believes, having a large “psychic tool-belt” enables her to meet each individual and their particular needs at any and all levels of psychic need.

Here are a few ways she uses the tools under ‘her hood’ to serve clients during a session:

  • Viewing parallel realities and future probabilities to help see options you have in your life, enabling you to use your free will in choosing which reality you might prefer.
  • Connecting and bridging for loved ones who have crossed over
  • Promote healing by using my energy, alchemy, and internal (3rd eye) sight as a shaman to look at your chakras, organs, and any other area of pain, then unblock, loosen and encourage healing in areas of physical, emotional and spiritual disease held in the body.
  • Remote view and astral travel into and around other people’s bodies, thoughts, events, etc. to give clients a deeper understanding about themselves and loved ones.
  • Channeling divine knowledge from the Higher Self, the OverSoul, angelic beings, guides, inter-dimensional beings, etc. to interpret experiences, dreams, questions about specific issues, and/or spiritual direction and guidance for life.