I am a firm believer in having mentors and personal support during your own individual spiritual and metaphysical evolution.

Often times we find that we don’t really need a psychic reading, we don’t really need a soul retrieval or to see a past life, rather we need the confidence of another person who has integrated their multi-dimensional senses and light body into their current life!

We need the mentorship of someone who is walking the walk and not just talking the talk!

This program is designed to help those of you that are consciously on this human evolutionary path of higher dimensional living (currently trying to integrate parallel lives, inter dimensional travel, energetic shifting and control, personal and collective awareness, etc.)

As a mentor, my goal is to meet with you (sometimes face to face, sometimes just checking in on text or Skype) on a regular basis to help assess and support your personal evolutionary process. This is a very individualized, higher level mentorship program for those of you that are seeking to do this professionally or just on a more comprehensive scale.

This individualized program is offered for a flat fee of $500 a month, or you can purchase a 6 month mentorship to gain a discounted price of $2,500, or year mentorship at a greater discounted price of $5,000. The program includes:

  1.  Setting realistic personal mentorship goals to achieve by the end of our time together.
  2. Customizing a schedule of monthly consultations (4- 30min meetings a month, 2- 60min meetings a month, or 1 – 2hour meeting a month… depending on the length of mentorship)
  3. Personally assessing, giving guidance and homework assignments.
  4. Meeting your goals and a completing a final assessment of your growth.

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