GET EXCITED! Rachel is rolling out a new teaching series of short topics of popular learning interest! Each 2 hour class will be focused on a very specific psychic, healing, and/or and metaphysical topic and will include a time of learning and practicing!

The interactive classes will be offered online via live Zoom teleconferencing as well as in person in San Antonio, TX. Check out the topics covered and upcoming dates! It will be an amazing time to further your growth in individual particular topics!

JOIN class for A two hour blast of information and fun! 

Fall 2019 Class Schedule

  • Full Payment for each course secures a spot in the class. Simply click on the “Sign Up Now” link above and make mention of the course you are paying for.
  • If you would like to join Online through Live Conference Option make sure to download the free Zoom Teleconference App prior to the class.
  • Bring any materials you would like to use or have handy during the class.