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Crazy Connected

Crazy Connected

Rachel blows other psychic’s out of the water! She is so connected it’s crazy! Be prepared, because she rocked my world and I’m still trying to absorb all the info that she gave me (and I saw her like 2 weeks ago)! I’d tell anyone and everyone that is needing some direction to go see HER!!! Thanks again, Rachel.

Rachel Kirkland The Modern Shaman

Rachel is a true Master Teacher Shaman, whether it be in a one on one session, or through her customized curriculum. Her sincere desire to facilitate personal growth and transformational life changes is always paramount.

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  • Rent is due.
It's that time.
Humanity is needing some kindness to one another right now. Look at those around you, close to you, right next door to you... and be kind.

Spread the LOVE more than the differences,
@Rachel Kirkland
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  • PUT IT ON THE CALENDAR! SET YOUR PHONE ALARM! This Friday, May 22nd I will be going LIVE from 10am - 11am CST for Friday Morning Live with The Modern Shaman! 
Share this on your page and with the ones you know vibe! It is wolf pack time! Get your questions ready and engage in the conversation and soul family community energy! See y'all soon!

Rachel Kirkland
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  • "Remember love, pressure is the measure of our self-imposed fear. Release it. 
You're EXACTLY where you need to be in this exact moment. You're there/here/NOW.

Breathe in the peace of knowing this.

No baggage from pasts. No pre-requisites of futures. You are Holy, untethered, complete, and free to do and be whatever you want to." Rachel Kirkland
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  • Meditation has many forms and contemplation is one of my favorites. There are few things more luxurious with our time than to sit and stare at something for so long that it begins to morph into its other forms. 
Sit still. 
Let your eyes relax.
And watch with your soul.

Rachel Kirkland 
#rachelkirkland #themodernshaman #shaman #psychic #psychicdevelopment #seer #soulretrieval #awakening #ascension #spiritwarrior #soulempowerment #sacredhearttribe #soultribe #wildwoman #ancientwisdom #medicinewoman #empath #clairvoyant #intuition #youtubechannel #masterteacher
  • Houston Tour Rescheduled to November- We wanted to keep you all updated on the changes to Rachel's touring schedule. The Houston Body, Mind, and Spirit Expo has moved to November 7th-8th! Mark your calendar now and make plans to come out and hear Rachel's FREE lecture and schedule a 1 on 1 session! If you are in that area or know others that live there, share this event and spread the word! You can also pre-book a session NOW at
  • If you haven't read any of the biographies on Mother Teresa, let me just tell you she was a FORCE! That woman was a freaking OX! She worked everything to the bone! She has been one of my life-long, spiritual mentors and I channel her guidance still. 
I love this quote of hers because is the epitome of what she stood for. DO THE WORK. You want to heal people? You want to ease suffering? You want more peace and blessings within human-kind? Don't just pray about it. Don't just put together a solid business plan around it. 
Roll up your sleeves and do it. Be the miracle. Do everything you can; because you CAN.

Saints and angels have muddy feet you know. They are the first ones willing to get down in it with you to help.

Make this life count,
Rachel Kirkland 
#rachelkirkland #themodernshaman #shaman #psychic #psychicdevelopment #seer #soulretrieval #awakening #ascension #spiritwarrior #soulempowerment #sacredhearttribe #soultribe #wildwoman #ancientwisdom #medicinewoman #empath #clairvoyant #intuition #youtubechannel #masterteacher
  • "Don't be afraid of the Big Bad Wolf", they said.

Some of you may know this story, but there was a particular day I remember when I was struggling with the fears and anxieties of life. My ex-husband had been lost his job, we were borrowing money from family to survive, my daughter was just a few months old and I wasn't getting much sleep, the and the demands of this human life seemed overwhelming. I was wrought with fear and my prayer & mediation time was mostly me just crying and pleading for help. In my head, I had run out of options. 
One afternoon, I went into my bedroom and got on my knees on the hard wood floor. I propped my elbows on the end of the bed and prayed to God, my ancestors, and guides to show me what to do, tell me something that I didn't even know how to ask for.

Immediately I was sucked into a room with a council around me. My spirit had been summoned to some sort of higher meeting.

In the corner a wolf was snarling at me, barring his teeth and I was shaking with fear. I couldn't look at him. In fact I kept turning my attention everywhere but on the wolf until in unison the entire chorus of figures shouted telepathically "DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE BIG BAD WOLF". When suddenly, I realized it wasn't alive. It was a headdress of a wolf with sharp teeth, but the body of a native underneath. The wolf itself could not bite any longer. It looked scary and was created to induce an automatic fear response, but it couldn't hurt me. It was fake.

And at that moment, as quick as the realization came over me, I was sent back into my human body, knees on the wooden floor, palms folded together in prayer at the end of my bed. But I understood it. I had my answer and I knew it in my bones. 
My fears of the world were not real. They were showing their teeth proudly, but they were not alive. They were hollow. Died a long time ago. They had no power unless I put them on like a cloak and wore them as my own. But in truth, they could not even bite. I have never forgotten that message. And every time the chaos in life seems overwhelming and I feel the fear rising, I remember that wolf and I am not afraid. @rachelkirklandthemodernshaman
  • Oh how I love this quote. πŸ’• It is my prayer that I may stand at the end of my life like an artistic creator and composer of something beautiful, something loving, something good.

Every moment is a new moment.
Create something meaningful.

You have no idea how important you are.

@Rachel Kirkland 
#rachelkirkland #themodernshaman #shaman #psychic #psychicdevelopment #seer #soulretrieval #awakening #ascension #spiritwarrior #soulempowerment #sacredhearttribe #soultribe #wildwoman #ancientwisdom #medicinewoman #empath #clairvoyant #intuition #youtubechannel #masterteacher
  • I had a wonderful Mother’s Day yesterday with family! The weather was beautiful and the company was even better! We had a feast of crazy-amazing food, ping pong tournaments, Marco-polo matches in the pool, played family board games on the patio till sunset & just enjoyed the true meaning of family! My heart is FULL! πŸŽ‰πŸ™ŒπŸ‘§πŸΌπŸ§‘πŸΌπŸ‘©β€πŸŽ€β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈ

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