Dallas, TX – Wellness Expo – Saturday & Sunday – October 19-20

Dallas, TX – Wellness Expo – Saturday & Sunday – October 19-20

Dallas, TX – Wellness Expo 
Saturday & Sunday, October 19-20
Event time: 11am – 6pm Admission $7/ day Or $10/weekend
(children under 12 and adults over 65 are free)

Location: Addison Conference Centre
15650 Addison Road
Addison, TX 75001

Come celebrate 25 years of wellness with me in Dallas, TX for the 25th Year Celebration of the Wellness Expo this October! This is a huge weekend event with over 100 vendors in the metaphysical, spiritual, and health and wellness community! There will also be speakers and informative platforms for all levels of body, mind, and soul!

Free Lecture from Rachel on Sunday at 2:30pm!
This is a fantastic 2 day extravaganza! If you are in or near the Dallas / Addison TX area then you should come on over! I will have a booth in the main hall in order to work with one on one clients and am teaching a free lecture on Sunday at 2:30pm about Stepping into your physic gifts!

Feel free to pre-book a session for a specific time. (Fill in the Contact Me on this website). This is a truly magical fair with powerful teachers, healers, and vendors. Come on out and connect.
Click here for more info: https://wellnessexpo.net

Wellness Expo Flyer

Rachel Kirkland The Modern Shaman

Rachel is a true Master Teacher Shaman, whether it be in a one on one session, or through her customized curriculum. Her sincere desire to facilitate personal growth and transformational life changes is always paramount.

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  • It takes courage to brave the depths of the soul. May you feel the Great Spirit of god move upon you & within all the dark or hidden places today, feeding the marrow of your bones, creating something new; giving you the strength you need to be exactly who you came here to be... Perfectly & Beautifully YOU. 
In love with humanity,
Rachel Kirkland www.TheModernShaman #psychicdevelopment #shaman #psychic #seer #soulretrieval #makeitcount #awakening #ascension #spiritwarrior #soulempowerment #sacredhearttribe #everylovecounts #soultribe #wildwoman #ancientwisdom
  • Honestly, I don’t like to share much meme astrology. It always feels kinda like the equivalent of what a fortune cookie is compared to a real psychic reading. It’s just so generalized. 
However, I’m breaking down my own judgements today and sharing this one. It is still very basic, but it gives you something to be conscious about. 
Currently our earth is in a powerhouse position! We have the doorway portal, the pillar of all new beginnings through the veil and uncovering the truth of who and what we are today, this
11 11  Also, Saturn, Jupiter, & Venus are all in alignment with our earth, Mercury is in retrograde, & not to mention we hit the full Beaver moon in Taurus (my home sign) tomorrow! 
Good lawd, we better use this doorway, people! Walk through using the powerful support of the massive planets that are all lined up like a promenade and don’t you ever look back! We are in life purpose overdrive right now and we have an incredibly strong cosmic energy to help us bring our Divine Truth all into fruition! 
Today I’m fasting out the old, holding ceremony for my present, and taking action into my future pillars of life. 
Let there be LIGHT! 
Rachel Kirkland
The Modern Shaman

www.TheModernShaman #psychicdevelopment #shaman #psychic #seer #soulretrieval #makeitcount #awakening #ascension #spiritwarrior #soulempowerment #sacredhearttribe #everylovecounts #soultribe #wildwoman #ancientwisdom
  • 🙌We had an absolutely transformational rebirth ceremony on our final day of Sheila’s Exclusive Private Mentorship. ❤️ Today, a new life was brought into fruition, standing on the seeds of all that was empowered & planted deep this week, and stepping forward with her claimed Soul Purpose! 🎉
There is nothing better than mentoring  someone while they learn to trust their own power, and watching them catch ON 🔥 FIRE with their spiritual gifts!!! Mama is proud!!!
Rachel Kirkland 
The Modern Shaman
www.TheModernShaman #psychicdevelopment #shaman #psychic #seer #soulretrieval #makeitcount #awakening #ascension #spiritwarrior #soulempowerment #sacredhearttribe #everylovecounts #soultribe #wildwoman #ancientwisdom
  • Amazing Day 2 of an Exclusive Mentorship Program with a client today and boy did we go deep. I’m glad we took this photo BEFORE we started the day cause all the tears 😭 wore off the makeup by the end! 
This has been such an incredible journey so far! Day one was an extensive clearing and detoxing and today was focused on empowerment! Whewhooooo did she stand in her power today! This was soul level change and I’m so honored to be a part of it all! 
Rachel Kirkland

www.TheModernShaman #psychicdevelopment #shaman #psychic #seer #soulretrieval #makeitcount #awakening #ascension #spiritwarrior #soulempowerment #sacredhearttribe #everylovecounts #soultribe #wildwoman #ancientwisdom
  • Say hello to the newest 2019 Modern Shaman MASTER GRADUATES! 🎓 🙌
(And those that took the classes online that aren’t in this photo) ❤️🎉 The Master level energy melding healings from today were TRANSFORMATIONAL! Each of these students- now graduates- absolutely went the distance! This 4 month program brought out the True Embodiment of the spiritual gifts of everyone in the class and I was once again blown away by the intense level of Soul Work being done! 
We did polarized magnetic recalibration, vocal toning amplifications, deep sound clearings & purging, elemental water purification and rebirthing, patterned breath work, cellular mimicking, triple amplified melding and more! 
I am so incredibly proud of this group! And, as I said in the class, this is only the beginning! 🙏🥳💥❤️🎓 Rachel Kirkland
The Modern Shaman www.TheModernShaman #psychicdevelopment #shaman #psychic #seer #soulretrieval #makeitcount #awakening #ascension #spiritwarrior #soulempowerment #sacredhearttribe #everylovecounts #soultribe #wildwoman #ancientwisdom
  • We had an AMAZING day 1 in the Psychic Development Master Class!!!! The energy melding, quantum tunneling, future probabilities, & astral projection readings were off the charts amazing! I’m so proud of these Master Level students! They dove in and are truly standing in their gifts and powers! 
Rachel Kirkland
www.TheModernShaman #psychicdevelopment #shaman #psychic #seer #soulretrieval #makeitcount #awakening #ascension #spiritwarrior #soulempowerment #sacredhearttribe #everylovecounts #soultribe #wildwoman #ancientwisdom
  • Happy Halloween 🎃 👻 from our crew to yours!
  • Who else has felt theses coronal solar storms this week?! Solar flares always show up for me like a masculine kick in the butt to get stuff done. But the Schumann resonance of our Mama Earth has also been off the charts so this always makes me want to stay in my PJs all day and cuddle with my kids and animals! 
What a bi-polar swing of energy this week! Then add on top of it the New Moon, Halloween, and Mercury going retro tomorrow!?!! 💫🌙💥 whew doggie!!! If you are a HSP (highly sensitive person, empath, and/or clairsentient) I’m sending you some LOVE cause I KNOW y’all are in the midst of trying to hold it all down! 🌎✨Thank you to all you Gridkeepers and Layline Shifters, Earth Chakra Holders, & Planet elemental balancers out there that lay low but do SOOOOO MUCH FOR HUMANITY! I work with a handful of clients that aren’t in the limelight but seriously hold anchor Light on this planet! I know many of you are out there bringing in harmony at times like this! 🌈Keep powered up in your practice my loves! 
How y’all hangin in our there?

Rachel Kirkland
#psychicdevelopment #shaman #psychic #seer #soulretrieval #makeitcount #awakening #ascension #spiritwarrior #soulempowerment #sacredhearttribe #everylovecounts #soultribe #wildwoman #ancientwisdom
  • 🌤Good morning beloveds! Today’s energy is one of Depth and Ease. Feels like an incredibly deep river current, pulling up everything & moving it all onward towards what our heart truly desires but may not often speak. 🌊 🔥My client appointments today include 2 soul retrieval’s and a death ceremony. The intensity and desire for monumental healing & change is rooted deep in so many in the collective and people are feeling the river current of change flowing. NOW is the time to get naked and dive in the water. No more wading on the beaches. 💗 It is going to be a beautifully soulful day my loves. Lean into it in any way that serves you. 🌙💫The New Moon and New Life energy is always available to those who choose it. ✨🥰 Rachel Kirkland

www.TheModernShaman #psychicdevelopment #shaman #psychic #seer #soulretrieval #makeitcount #awakening #ascension #spiritwarrior #soulempowerment #sacredhearttribe #everylovecounts #soultribe #wildwoman #ancientwisdom
  • Every time I read things like this I sit with the energy of the words and predictions and ask Great Spirit if it is important for me and humanity. I received a resounding YES!

I’m so excited for the earths alignment coming back into harmony. I have also noticed a reoccurring message from the higher realms with many of my clients being told “2020 is your year; the year for reestablishing your New Self.” Rachel Kirkland
www.TheModernShaman #psychicdevelopment #shaman #psychic #seer #soulretrieval #awakening #ascension #spiritwarrior #soulempowerment #sacredhearttribe #soultribe #wildwoman #ancientwisdom —————————
Post credit goes to Katharine Kinnie

Big magick is afoot. 👣🙂❤️💛🖤🌈 Prepare for a Solar Plexus activation bigger and more impactful than we have ever experienced on this planet in known ‘history’ when Uluru gets fully activated and switched on by the local indigenous custodians (The Anungu people) and supporting visitors from 26th October for 5 days after being able to climb it has been closed to the public. 
According to Senior Star Lore Elder, precious Grandmother and custodian of Uluru, Auntie Nelly Patterson, this is the time for the Tjukurpa Pulka, the New Way Dreaming. 
This powerful activation will also mean that there will be a blast of divine light and activational energy sent through the songlines of the planet, connecting all of the Earth Chakras together. Especially one of the major energetic arteries and songlines, The Rainbow Serpent (representing Divine Feminine Energy to many). 💗🌈🙏🏻🎉🐍 According to Robert Coon, the line starts from Uluru (Solar Plexus) and travels through Bali (World Purification Centre), to Glastonbury (Heart & Third Eye Chakras), to Lake Titicaca (Sacral Chakra) and then back around and through to Uluru. 
This is all in preparation for the Saturn, Pluto, Mercury, Sun quadruple conjunction in Sag (13 Star Sign Astrology) on 12 Jan 2020.

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