This page is a list of practitioners I have met around the globe!

I am continually adding to this page, so if you would like your work to be included just send me an email (see the Contact Us page.)

There are a lot of amazing people trying to serve humanity in their area of the globe. I believe wholeheartedly that what we do, although it may put food on the table for our kids, is done from a heart of service. Many people in the world are seeking spiritual guidance and are in need of Love, the more of us there are to reach out, the more people we can touch.

It’s not just about business practices, its about serving our fellow humans. Let’s just reach out and spread our Love Light to as many as we possibly can!

There may be practitioners in your area, or one that specializes in something very different that what I offer. These are in Alphabetical order by State.


Villa Park, Illinois

Emily Klintworth
Author, Astrologer, Intuitive
Services: Spiritual Strength Training (aka modern astrology readings), Astrology e-Courses, 1:1 Guidance & SupportEmily Klintworth is a passionate and innovative astrologer who has revolutionized a new and powerful shortcut to working with astrology. Through her do-it-yourself workbooks, trainings & personalized readings she has brought astrology into the modern era.

Camarillo, California


Channeler – Reiki Master – Spiritual Guide – Teacher


Kristen is a motivational speaker, psychic channeler, Reiki Master and intuitive. Kristen teaches spiritual connection (eg: channeling, intuition & clairvoyant development) through a variety of modalities – best suited for the individual.

One of the most enriching and enjoyable aspects of working with Kristen is receiving answers through the ancient dragon consciousness, Iram – whom Kristen channels, if requested.

Whether you are experiencing the deep,relaxation/healing of a Reiki treatment, the joyful and adventurous time with a channeled guidance or learning how to tap into your own amazing natural and intuitive gifts, chances are that working with Kristen will be one of the most enhancing and empowering practices you will ever experience.


Los Angeles, California, Bali, Indonesia:

radiant-soul-living-agnes-may-photo     radiant-soul-living-agnes-may-logo

AGNES MAY                          ~ Radiant Soul Living ~

Coaching – Meditation – Inspiration

Website: (coming soon)


Phone: 312-343-9364

When you reach higher awareness, you grasp a certain understanding of the Universe and yourself, you start taking responsibility for your life, and all the elements of yourself that got you to this point.  You want to work on yourself more and are consistent and committed to your own growth and the expansion of your consciousness. You realize that you are a deliberate creator of your reality and no longer a victim. You know that everything around you reflects YOU.

My name is Agnes May. I am a Meditation & Quantum Living Coach with an academic background in Psychology. I’ve been helping individuals create positive change in their lives via a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their potential as a whole being in Light and Love. Integrating Meditation and energy work with Quantum Living methods in search of inner alchemy, and discovering our Universal Radiant Eternal Self, as well as our purpose in the Universe, which becomes our Living Mantra. 

I use intuitive guidance to help clients on their personal growth journey to authentic wholeness. Specializing in individual spiritual development, as well as relationships from the quantum and multidimensional perspective. As a Twin Flame, I can empathize with individuals on their twin flame journey, and help deliver 5D perspective of the divine union. 

San Francisco, California

Kellye Gray

KELLYE GRAY          ~ Toning and Tuning ~


Use the voice to enhance your spiritual experience! When you chant, you are toning. If you can tone, you can tune.

Toning is a lot like chanting. You calm your mind, center your being focusing on the space between your eyebrows, relax, take a deep breath then sing or sustain a sound or hum for as long as you can. Focus on the breath outflowing from of the body while listening to or feeling the sound vibrations throughout your body.

Harmonic vibration brings toning in tune with the harmonic scale. All the harmonic vibrations will align creating a larger wave pattern. When the instrument, or voice is in tune it rings out in vibrational waves that can be felt through the core of your whole being.

When Tuning the voice uses stronger breath support, the attention is on the breath outflow while the mind or inner ears listen to both the higher and lower octaves of the note that is being toned/chanted or sung. This will bring on intonation or in-tuneness.

Once in tune, through the use of harmonics, your spiritual awareness becomes greatly enhanced and uplifted. Whether you consider yourself a singer or not, the subtle journey from chanting to toning to tuning develops confidence in the use of your voice.

Use the voice to enhance your spiritual experience, to vibrate and heal every cell of your being, to feel joy and enlightenment, to have presence in your daily life, to communicate with clarity and confidence, as well as many other positive results. Tuning on a daily basis can evolve your being in ways you have never imagined. Uplift your vibration. Uplift your being. Start Toning and Tuning today.

~ Kellye Gray is a jazz vocal artist, free-spirit, healer, mentor, coach and practitioner of the now. Trained in acting, speech and diction at Southwest Texas State, additional music studies at University of Houston and 30 year professional career as performing and recording artist, adjunct faculty at the California Jazz Conservatory, founder/CEO of the Fearless Songbird Academy, president at Grr8 Records, lead producer at Get It Girl! Productions, L.M.T. in massage therapy, sound healer, clinician and lecturer.

Arvada, Colorado:



– Higher Guidance Life Coach –

Phone: 303-641-7634

Our emotions, or The Emotional Guidance System, is how our Higher Self communicates with us. There is no truer or accurate form of communication available to us IF you know how to navigate it.

It’s quite simple. Our Higher Self is a “future” version of us. It is a version of us that is existing in a non-physical form. That version of us is always with us. Communicating to us. Giving us the clues as to whether our thoughts are in alignment with our highest excitement and therefore our Higher Self’s will and by extension, God’s Will or the Will of Source. Our Higher Self is our guide through the process of spiritual evolution.

With all that chatter of the physical world going on, we often wonder: ‘Which voice in my head is my true voice? Which one is giving me the answer to my current situation?’

When we have a thought that is in alignment with our Higher Self’s desire, we will get a feeling of happiness or contentment. When our thought is not in alignment, we will feel a contraction. It takes a deep focus and willingness, a deep dedication, to take our thoughts one at a time and to filter them through only the emotions rather than our minds.

Through the unique guidance I offer, you can rather quickly and easily learn how to navigate your Emotional Guidance System, making your life easier and more enjoyable.

My clients are left feeling a natural flow through their life, knowing how to guide THEMSELVES. Let go of the thoughts that cause you confusion and start paying attention to the language of your soul.

You have been and always will be your best teacher and guide.
I can help you learn how to always hear and feel the real answers you (the Real You) are always trying to give yourself!


Miami, Florida:



– Diviner –

Phone: 305-801-4563

I am a diviner, esp, and other spiritual gifts. I have worked for the psychic lines in California- as a cyber agent.


Chicago, Illinois:


JAMES DEMOS      ~ Contemporary Mystic ~

– Empathic Intuitive, Evidential Medium, Reiki Master Teacher –



Phone: 312-560-6152

I have been studying Spiritual topics for over 40 years, hundreds of books, workshops, and seminars. I was given the handle “The Northwoods Mystic” because I spent much of my childhood in the wilderness of Northern Wisconsin. Currently, however, I’m a city dweller in Chicago, Illinois.

I began doing public readings in early 1990’s. Intuition is my forte – both personal and business. I earned my MBA from NIU, and have decades of business experience in small, large, and multi-billion dollar companies. I worked in executive roles mostly within the marketing and sales arenas.

Now retired, I am helping senior citizens and the disabled with debt problems at Chicago Legal Clinic as well as utilizing my intuitive abilities for individual clients. I shut down my personal website a few years back and work now by appointment only.



Questa, New Mexico:

jennifer-cromwelle-white-feather                            outlaw-psychics

JENNIFER CROMWELLE WHITE-FEATHER       ~ Rogue Valley Outlaw Psychics ~

– Metaphysical TV & Radio – 

Phone: 575-776-3141

Hi. I am Jennifer Cromwelle White – Feather. I am a natural born psychic medium, empath and clair everything of 37 years’ experience. I attribute my abilities in part to my Shaman, Druid, Wicca and Gypsy roots. I wrote and released two Books on my Abilities and experiences with Spirit. My experiences total 273 in all. My Specialties are Cold, Criminal and Missing Persons Cases, along with Psychometry and Pendulum. I have a 90 +/- Accuracy rate. My Partner in Business is DJTiger101 and we have a very close connection.


Arlington, Texas

SCOTT MENDOZA            ~ Sound Healing Therapy ~


YouTube Channel: Scott Mendoza

Hello my name is Scott Mendoza. I am trained in the art of sound healing and sound therapy. My particular type of healing uses the harmonics of Tibetan singing bowl meditations coupled with vocal over tones.

This enables me to align my client’s energetic tones on a cellular, fractal level to be more balanced and harmonious with life. I also offer clients guided meditations to strengthen ones connection to Source Energy.

I offer one on one sessions as well as group sessions. I have been connecting to different consciousnesses to help aid and assist humanity in this time of transition. It is my aim to encourage peoples’ realization that within them is all of the power they could ever desire!

Austin, Texas



CHRISTOPHER KEES       ~ Kees for Your Wellbeing ~

Rings of Quan Yin Chi – Master Aura Reader – Reiki Master 

Phone: 512-922-6331


——– Austin, Texas, cont…


REBBECCA GAMBLE                                             ~ Esoterig Tarot ~

– Master Tarot Reader –


My name is Rebecca and I have been reading Tarot for over 15 yrs. The first deck I ever received was the Rider Waite Smith deck that my Grandmother passed down to me at the age of 14.

Tarot can be a great tool to help us maintain a healthy Mind, Body, Soul connection and it is in this way that I use it most often. I love learning new things and am constantly researching new ideas and concepts in relation to Tarot and the Metaphysical world. I love seeing when science catches up to esoteric practices and sharing my findings and news leads with my Facebook family (

I use the Tarot to help find emotional and sometimes physical blocks. This allows me to use the Tarot to then explore ways in which a client may be able act to help break through and let go of the trauma/emotions creating a block. We often hold in emotions we fear and try to ignore hurtful memories, this can eventually affect us by creating subconscious blocks to achieving goals or even manifest itself physically overtime. Tarot is great at delving into our subconscious and finding things we think we have forgotten. With over 15 yrs. experience it never ceases to amaze me, what one may learn from Tarot.

I am located in Austin Texas, Though I work primarily online I do offer services in the Austin area where I will meet with clients at a specified location.

——– Austin, Texas, cont…


– Psychic Medium –

Phone: 512-906-5456

Richard Cisneros has been Clairvoyant and a Medium for 25 years. He is also a Gallery Reader. His virtues are utilized to provide guidance and profound insights thru messages received from Past Love Ones, Angels and Guides.
He offers Authentic Guidance for everyday situations such as: Personal Relationships, Business & Finances, and Spiritual Awareness and Development.
He is also available for Private Sessions, Gallery Readings, Small Group Readings and Workshops.
——– Austin, Texas, cont…



Intuitive Life Coach, Healer and Teacher 

Phone: 512-825-3205


You know what it is like when you feel like you just need a little guidance, maybe some clarity, or when you feel like your life is just gone off the rails. When this happens, give me a call and together with Spirit we can find your answers.

My connection with Spirit started as a child and as I have grown so has my gift. I primarily hear Spirit, but I also can see, feel and receive unspoken information from the other side.

Through my gifts, I will help you in all aspects of life. I help with major life transitions, career, family, emotional issues, spiritual stuff, sexual orientation, relationship questions and challenges and much more. I am often surprised what Spirit can show me.

You will feel lighter when we have finished a session. You will come away with clarity about your questions, and my hope is that you will feel cared for and supported.

I can do sessions over the phone as well as in person. I work with adults, adolescents, and groups. I look forward to working with you.

My sessions are by appointment only and my phone hours are between 10 am to 9:30 pm CST. Give me a call, and we will find a time that works well for both of us. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

San Antonio, Texas:


DIANE LEVEN          ~ Better Body Soul ~

Medium – Psychic – Empath – Reiki – Theta Healing – Crystal Healing

11230 West Ave, Ste 2208
San Antonio, TX 78213

I am a Medium, Psychic, Empath, Certified Reiki Master, ThetaHealer® and Crystal Healer which allows me to offer Guidance and Healing for those in need.

I also offer a Goddess Circle class every Thursday evening at my office. In addition, Better Body Soul offers the following Services:

*Endermologie©  *Cupping Therapy  *Vacuum Cupping Therapy  *Infrared Sauna Bed  *Infrared Body Wraps  *Reiki Master  *Intuitive Healer  *Advanced ThetaHealing®  *Advanced Crystal Healing  *Reflexology  *Intuitive Guidance

—-San Antonio, Texas cont..


 REVEREND DR. SHERYL T. MARTIN           ~ Heaven Pathways Earth ~

Reverend Dr. Sheryl T. Martin is a psychic medium, dream interpreter, reiki healer, spiritual counselor, intuitive, life coach, and empath who provides higher guidance through her connection with spirit.

Sheryl has a doctoral degree in Holistic Theology, is Ordained as an Interfaith Minister and is the owner and operator of Heaven-Pathways-Earth.

At Heaven-Pathways-Earth, we are committed to serving God’s divine law and the needs of you and your family. Using universal principles of spirituality and guided by Interfaith standards, we, offer practical tools for leading a joyous, abundant, and peaceful life.

We offer a variety of holistic and ministry services as well as have a metaphysical store to purchase inspirational/spiritual items. Wherever you may be on your spiritual path, at Heaven-Pathways-Earth you will find a supportive community with a wealth of opportunities for personal growth and spiritual guidance. We aspire to strengthen each person’s confidence at every point in their life, and encourage personal and spiritual growth.

England, Newcastle under Lyme, Stoke on Trent , Staffordshire
KELLY ANNE MILLER          ~ Angel Card Reflections ~


I am a metaphysical practitioner and spiritual intuitive based in England. I was born with extra sensory abilities that have enabled me to develop insight into channelling higher guidance as well as specific angelic wisdom.

I am an experienced card reader and I now am able to offer traditional tarot readings as well as Angel card and Angel tarot readings. I am an aspiring psychic able to draw on spiritual knowledge to help assist my clients with any issues they may have in relation to life.
I am able to offer emailed, Facebook and Skype readings to my clients. During the reading I would ask that my clients be in a positive space with plenty of time for me to read from. I will ask what question to read on and then use my intuition to pick the correct cards/spreads for you. Everything is confidential. I look forward to reading for you !