Hi Rachel, I just wanted to thank you again for my 30 min. session!  I found it so helpful in continuing on my path and helping to remind me of my growth and the perfection in it all.  The only thing that didn’t make much sense was when you mentioned that my oldest son in Spirit, Luke, was saying “skateboard” and that he would be protecting his little brother, Benjamin.  Ben is almost 4 and has a scooter (that he doesn’t use too much) and I didn’t really foresee him having a skateboard in the near future so I just pushed that aside.  But then yesterday, completely out of the blue, my 45 year old husband says “I am thinking about getting a skateboard!”  My mouth dropped open as this was so shocking to me and not something I would ever expect in a million years to come out of his mouth!

So there was my lovely little lesson in not doubting my precious Luke. Another cool thing I wanted to share with you is a neat orb picture I have where it looks like Benjamin is looking directly at the orb, which after our session where you said he was/is seeing stuff like this, makes me think he really was!  This pic was from the first birthday of Luke’s after he transitioned when Ben was 10.5 months old.

Thanks for letting me share and I definitely look forward to booking more sessions with you in the future!