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 Talking into the depths of your divine being with Rachel Kirkland, multidimensional healer, psychic, and shaman.
Rachel Kirkland "The Modern Shaman" on Developing Our Own Abilities

Rachel Kirkland “The Modern Shaman” on Developing Our Own Abilities. Welcome to another episode of We Don’t Die I’m your host Sandra Champlain Author of the international bestseller book called We Don’t Die A Skeptic’s Discovery of Life After Death.

Watch The Nurtured Spirit host Skye Besserman’s Interview with Rachel Kirkland, The Modern Shaman. Hi Rachel, It’s so nice of you to be here, I’m so excited to interview you on the nurtured spirit. I’m excited and I just want to jump right in and ask you for those who aren’t familiar with what a modern shaman is, can you describe what that means and explain what is a modern shaman?

The Psychic Soup Radio Show – Awakening Your Inner Shaman with Rachel Kirkland, The Modern Shaman. Rachel is a world-renowned Psychic and Shaman. She has appeared on numerous radio shows, and was awarded “Best Female Medium in the World” in the 2016 World Paranormal Awards! She joins hosts Beth Peters and Cynthia Dawn Worthey on The Psychic Soup to shed a light on the different types of psychics and how you can activate your inner shaman!

AWAKEN TO BRILLIANCE PODCAST with our host Isabella Allard. “LOVE YOUR BODY” Beautifully with the Gorgeous Rachel Kirkland. Today we have the gorgeous Rachel Kirkland again with us to share her wisdom and insights about our body. Here we take our body and the relationship we have with it to a whole other level! As Psychics and Medical Intuitives, Rachel and I bring you a broader perspective on the purpose of your body, so you can live with more appreciation and a greater sense of Self Love. Love is really all you need!!

Listen to Isabella Allard The Voice of Universal Wisdom in a SUPER FUN Awaken to Brilliance Show on Destiny, Creation and Life Purpose with the Fabulous Rachel Kirkland! We also share simple ways you can discover what your gifts are. This show is designed to lift you UP and empower you to go out there and be your brilliance! Here you will discover that every moment is a successful one, so you can have the confidence to go out and shine the BEST OF YOU!

AWAKEN TO BRILLIANCE Empowerment Party Show with Rachel Kirkland 🙂 Hello Beautiful, This is a special show for you, as it’s a webinar I co-hosted with the amazing Rachel Kirkland, also known as the Modern Shaman and a featured guest on ‘Awaken to Brilliance’ podcast. (Listen in to our previous shows for some truly empowering and enlightening conversations. All designed to inspire you to shine your brilliance!)

IdeateTV host Leah Cevoli talks with Rachel Kirkland, the Modern Shamen and Peter Hansen, Channeling Arch Angel, about how the two met within the community and started Sacred What makes their work so incredibly profound is that it combines psychic and shamanic multidimensional sight with relational guidance. They are able to use their clairvoyance and clairsentience to SEE and FEEL where the relationship blockages may be, create and guide you through releasing energy work and ceremonies where needed, and project into the future where your relationship is headed. It is an amazing combination of sight and heart, earth and sky, cosmic and elemental, feminine and masculine infused sessions that bring about transformational change, healing, and divine alignment!

“Manifest Your Sacred Relationship NOW!!!” Divine interview on United Intentions Foundation Radio with special guests The Modern Shaman Rachel Kirkland and her sacred counterpart Angelic Psychic Channeler Peter Hansen, hosted by Psychic Beth Peters. When working with the Psychic Power Couple Rachel and Peter You get them both at the same time, it’s a Unique Life Changing Experience! It is an amazing combination of earth and sky, cosmic and elemental, feminine and masculine infused sessions that bring about transformational change, healing, and divine alignment! You don’t want to miss this show!

Spaced OUT Radio – “The Spiritual You” With Rachel Kirkland. Tonight on “The Spiritual You” Rachel Kirkland is back for her final appearance of 2017 and our resident modern shaman or Shaman woman is going to take a look at some spiritual ways that you can use to cope with the stress of the Christmas holidays!! Recorded Live on Dec 5th, 2017 on United Public Radio.

Rachel Kirkland, The Modern Shaman, has a Master’s Degree in Education, teaching all levels of spiritual and metaphysical inquiry through a custom curriculum developed over many years as a working multidimensional healer, psychic, and shaman.

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