I am a firm believer in having mentors and personal support during your own individual spiritual and metaphysical evolution.

Thank you thank you thank you for the mentorship week — it was so beyond anything I could have planned and so much more than I expected. So much gratitude and love! I’ve just spent the last week slowly adjusting and re-balancing and I’ve noticed so many wonderful evolutions in my perspective and my relationships to people, places, and food. Everything feels integrated and aligned. So much love to you and Peter! -Anisha


Often times we find that we don’t really need a psychic reading, a shamanic healing… we don’t really need a soul retrieval or to see a past life, rather we need the confidence of another person who has integrated their multi-dimensional senses and light body into their current life!

We need the mentorship of someone who is walking the walk and not just talking the talk!

I’ve shifted this program into an intensive one week or two week one on one mentoring time. I’ve found that instead of meeting for short time periods over a few months, I’m led to do a one on one – in person – completely focused on YOU, crazy deep, very real and practical, week or two week mentoring. These are in-person only, so airfaire and lodging would need to be accounted for at your own additional expense. This is a step taken when you are serious about your spiritual integration.

We (your guides, ancestors, star family, and all those working for your highest good on the other side) do whatever it takes to get you where you want to be. Honestly, I would rather just dive in sooooooo freaking deep into your gifts, your life, your passion, your areas of blockage, healing, and help you practice your gifts, answer any challenges that come up, and be with you 100% of the way, in person, walking the path with you!

So, I’ve changed this program up a bit. But if you feel led to do this, then you will hear the calling. I am here.

1 week Private Intensive Mentorship Program

$5,000 ($6,250 value)

1 week private one on one mentorship and training for your personal healing and revitalization of your gifts. This intensive program is meant to break down and pull out any blockages from past lives, trauma, fear, etc. then re-open your psychic and shamanic roots, amplifying your personal gifts for all of humanity. We work/play and practice/apply your gifts from 9am – 2:00pm – which includes a 1 hour lunch break – each day for 5 days (Monday – Friday)! We clear things out, pull out your gifts, and I bring in people for you to practice on with a mentor present!


2 week Private Extensive Mentorship Program  

$10,000 ($12,500 value)

Now THIS is some serious mentorship! The two week program gets as deep as you can get! We just dive into everything we need to in order to get you to where you want to be. This amount of time is incredibly powerful because it sets your practice into regular motion! You are DOING it every day, and setting up a routine for yourself that you can maintain for yourself and any of your future clients after you leave. The timeline is similar to the one week program in that we work/play and practice/apply your gifts from 9am – 2:00pm – which includes a 1 hour lunch break – each day for 5 days (Monday – Friday)! We get all of your personal issues cleared out, set up a structure and pattern for you that YOU help create and can maintain, and we get you practicing and applying your gifts on people with my guidance on hand at all times to ask questions and work through any insecurity or bloopers! I’m with you 100% and we work until we GET IT DONE!

2 Day Weekend (Saturday and Sunday) Private Intensive Mentorship

$1,800 ($2,500 value)

During this personal 2 day mentorship program, we get a clear direction for where you want to go, let spirit guide us there, and I help you each step of the way. Each customized program will look unique to each participant, but it will include a form of purification, initiation, and actualization of your multidimensional self.

3 Day Long Weekend (Friday, Saturday, & Sunday) Private Intensive Mentorship

$3,350 ($3,750 value)

This program is similar to the weekend intensive, but adds in an additional full day so that you may dive deeper into each area of personal growth and expansion. It includes 1 day of clearing and healing, 1 day of initiations of your spiritual gifts, and 1 full day of actualizing and practicing those gifts. During these 3 days, you will work with me one on one from 9am-2:00pm with a 1 hour lunch break.


*All products and services are non-refundable and valid for 1 calendar year from the date of purchase.

Modern Photography by Peter Hansen