Private Psychic & Mediumship Sessions

Here are some typical ways clients are served during a personal psychic and mediumship session:

  1. Rachel can view and access parallel realities and future probabilities to see options you have in your life, enabling you to use your free will in choosing which reality you might prefer.
  2. She may remote view, shape shift, or astral travel into and around other people’s bodies, forms, thoughts, timelines, or events to give the client a deeper understanding and different perspective about themselves and others.
  3. Rachel can energetically meld form and connect to your loved ones and ancestors who are no longer living and act as a bridge to the other side. From there she is able to translate information as a medium, answering questions and clarifying.
  4. She can also channel divine knowledge from a client’s Higher Self, the Over-Soul, angels, spirit guides, inter-dimensional beings, or more.
  5. Rachel can also connect with the larger cosmic and universal web of consciousness and act as a shamanic dream interpreter to give insight and clarity to perplexing metaphysical experiences, dreams, questions about specific issues, and/or spiritual direction for life.