Sacred Counterpart Sessions

Sacred Counterpart sessions are a unique type of session of deep connection. When you book a session with the Psychic Power Couple Rachel Kirkland and Peter Hansen – You get them both at the same time!!!

It is an amazing combination of earth and sky, cosmic and elemental, feminine and masculine infused sessions that bring about transformational change, healing, and divine alignment!

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“I recently had the pleasure of working with Peter and Rachel in a joint session. I was in need of some clarity, clearing, cord cutting and healing after a very difficult experience. The combination of their intense, compassionate and dedicated energies created a palpable atmosphere in which it was easy to dive in and believe

I would receive what I needed most.  I could not deny that real work was being done. Rachel used her clairvoyance and other psychic abilities to tune into the issues with laser-point precision. She spoke from her higher wisdom and purest heart space to help me see myself and others involved with understanding and compassion.

Peter brought in the angelic energies and began doing body scanning and energy work to clear my aura of the traumas. Then, Rachel held the atmosphere with drumming and vocalizing while Peter channeled messages that cut down to the core and healed from the inside out. They worked together so seamlessly it was like they shared a brain. By the end of the hour, I felt like I had released the hurtful aspects and could see the way in which the experience was bringing me further along in my journey.

I am so grateful for Rachel and Peter! In the following days and weeks, as I faced possible triggers, I was able to look back on this session and hear the healing words they channeled for me in order to continue forward. This kind of work could have taken months or years to process through on my own. To summarize – the session was highly effective and gave me tools to continue the work on my own.

Absolutely worth every minute and penny invested!”

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