Free 1 hour Seminar from

The Modern Shaman:


Location: The Healing Arts Festival & Market at The Hilton Garden Inn, 8101 Pat Booker Rd, San Antonio, TX

*This will also be LIVE streamed on The Modern Shaman’s You Tube Channel! So subscribe to hear channel and get notifications to watch it Live if you can’t be there in person in San Antonio!

Date: Sunday January 6th, 2019
Time: Seminar starts at 2:00 pm and goes till 3:00 pm CDT
Further Details:
Ever feel like you are connected and tuned in on a larger scale than just your traditional 6 senses? Maybe you had premonitions as a child or are able to feel the energy when you walk in a room?
In this seminar Rachel Kirkland teaches about how every person can strengthen and develop their extrasensory perception (ESP). She goes through each psychic sense and how to recognize and utilize your connections! 
It is FREE hour lecture with fun interactive teaching and practice to develop your own personal spiritual gifts!
Join us LIVE online on The Modern Shaman’s YouTube Channel or in-person at the Healing Arts Festival at the Hilton Garden Inn in San Antonio, TX. The seminar starts at 2pm CDT on Sunday, January 6th!