Powerful Reviews from Workshop Students!

“Wow! level 2 class was incredible!”

“I am so grateful to have Rachel Kirkland as a guide/teacher! She speaks from such a solid place of love and wisdom! I am really starting to feel confident about who I am and my gifts. I am forever grateful for this class! So much that I learned and energy to process. I had a major emotional release this morning but am feeling so much lighter now! I also really feel a sense of family love for everyone that was in the class with me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

 “i am still floating!”

“I learned so much from Rachel’s workshop! Tonight I harnessed some bravery and a lot of faith, and did some distance energy work that I learned this past weekend with my niece. This was only my second experience and my first distance work. I was nervous but I did it anyway. I think I actually felt more with my niece because I allowed myself to let go. I was alone and didn’t worry about looking strange. At different points I felt so much energy. My niece’s colors and energy were so beautiful and I felt like I could trust how to work with the spots where she needed some help. And when I remembered I could work with the elements and used water – wow!

My biggest validation was that I cried at different points, and I am not someone who cries easily. What I felt so much better about using my intuition, clairaudience, and clairvoyance, but in partnership with an energy that didn’t belong to me.

I can’t really believe, either, that I have a place to share this. I am amazed at the abilities I learned and am now USING! Two months ago I was so lonely from keeping so much to myself. I’m really really grateful!”

“i will never be the same!”

“I want to send out a huge thank you in appreciation for sharing all of your knowledge and experience and for embracing spirit communication and bridging the gap. Thank you for tuning in to me, encouraging me, for communicating the sound of my guides, loved ones and non-physical family from the other side. I’m just so amazed and grateful for your ‘bridging the gap’ between worlds! This workshop weekend was such a powerful experience for me and I will never be the same!”

“i am so grateful to be a part of this!”

I am just starting to arise from some time I needed to physically process, after taking the level one Psychic Development with Rachel Kirkland. Where do I start? First, what an inspiring gift this has been to recognize and develop the gifts that were there all along!

As soon as I was connected with Rachel and saw the 3 level course she offered I knew I was going to find a way to be apart of it! I just knew it was a PERFECT MATCH, at the perfect time. And yes it was!

Rachel takes the time to connect with you and speak from her heart and soul. Pure and simple. It is divine. The course materials are practical and interactive. Even while attending online, I felt apart of the group. In fact, for me, who feels everything and everyone, it was ideal! I had my space to process while still attending and interacting.

Rachel, from the bottom of my heart, thank you! For all the hard work you put into your curriculum. Walking us thru each step of release with clarity, power, and creation. For holding a loving and solid space for the group, while attending to all our questions and comments. For shining that big beautiful smile that sets any fear at ease, and for sharing your wisdom & truth for all of us to continue to awaken and grow!”


It felt super charging to be in this class, thank you Rachel Kirkland! You gave me all the groundwork to live the life I want to live that is full of connection! Its’ up to me to keep the momentum up and I am going for it, communicating to the Archangels and my loved ones on the other side has been amazing!

rachel is hands down a one of the kind, amazing teacher!

Rachel brings humor, heart, and professionalism to the course. I chose to do the training at this time because 1) I felt like Rachel’s approach to this was the right fit for me and 2) I’m tired of being alone (or at least feeling mostly alone) with things that I often can’t celebrate or share with many people.

I’m a big introvert with new people and in the past, have been afraid that since I wasn’t using my spiritual abilities professionally AND because I’m still remembering them, that claiming them as valuable and worth time and development!