Psychic Development & Multidimensional Workshops

"Rachel's courses are masterfully laid out and the flow was amazing! I will always be grateful for receiving the knowledge she shared! I could go on and on about the incredible experience! I am so thankful for the perfection of LIFE and how I got connected with her. HER WORK IS PURE INSPIRED MAGIC!"


Interested in your personal expansion of consciousness, spiritually and intuitively?

Rachel Kirkland, The Modern Shaman, has a Master’s Degree in Education and is an experienced teacher at all levels of spiritual and metaphysical inquiry. She has developed her own Consciousness Expansion curriculum over many years working as a multidimensional healer, psychic, and shaman.

Her goal is to transform lives by empowering others in their own soul growth, spiritual gifts, non-physical connections, and learn to integrate their multidimensional self into their every day life! We are moving into a time that is all about consciousness. Rachel focuses on training you in your evolution of consciousness beyond our every day awareness.

Rachel Kirkland’s 3 cumulative consciousness evolutionary courses cover IT ALL! And, let me tell you, they are not for the curious bystander or faint of heart! She gets into the SOUL and empowers from the CORE!

Her courses are designed to remind you of your true power of your consciousness that lies within, teach you about your soul gifts, activate your energetic channels of wisdom, and initiate you into the fullness of your own glorious and Divine BEING!

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Workshop Schedule

Fall 2018 

3 Tiered Course Curriculum
taught in person from San Antonio, TX 
and at the same time globally via Online Zoom Teleconference

Master Level Psychic Development and Multidimensional Integration Workshop  


November 3rd – 4th, 2018 – 9AM – 4PM (CDT)

(Registration Deadline October 20th, 2018)

This class is the MASTER LEVEL initiates class. This is COMPLETE multi-dimensional integration and application! Wheeeeew Doggie, this is it! We go through it all and let me just tell you, your life will never be the same! (In a good way!)
These cumulative courses are geared to expand your soul into highest vibrational alignment by learning about your non-physical connections and fully integrating them into your body, mind, and spirit!

This course is designed for those who are already attempting to integrate their spiritual light body into their every day lives. It is highly focused on individual applications to refine your personal gifts and techniques and simply solidify it into a master level of focus.

Topics include but are not limited to: parallel realities, time shifting, determining future probabilities, advanced shamanic healing, energy melding, advanced meditation, past life interpretations, master level remote viewing, shape shifting, astral traveling, psychic surgery, as well as group readings and advanced energy healings!

It is predominantly participation and hands-on activities, with larger times of problem-solving and interaction with group psychic sessions and healing. JOIN US FOR A WEEKEND YOU WILL NEVER FORGET!

  • In Person class is held at the Drury Plaza Hotel. Address is 823 North Loop 1604 East. We are using meeting room #104 called the “Espada Room”
  • Online Live Conference Option is done through Zoom Online Teleconference (participants must download free online Zoom application to participate in the Live Stream Workshop from the comfort of your own home!)
  • You must pre-register and pay for this event in order to secure a spot at least 2 weeks before the class starts (especially if you are participating online because a workbook must be mailed to your home prior to the workshop)
  • Full Payment of $555 for new students or $100 for refresher course graduate students secures a spot in the course. Please use the PayPal PayOnline link Here
  • Weekend Saturday and Sunday Intensive Workshop is from 9am – 4pm (CDT) each day

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If you are planning on taking all 3 Psychic Developent and Multidimensional Integration cummulative courses from The Modern Shaman Workshops, then you can sign up ahead of time and earn a discounted price. This is a fantastic way to commit to the 3 month (1 weekend a month) program and know by the end of these 3 months, you have achieved your full activation and integration.


$1,365 (Normally $1,665)

*All products and services offered on this site are non-refundable and valid for 1 calendar year from the date of purchase.

*All payments made towards psychic development workshops are not transferable for any other goods or services provided by The Modern Shaman – Rachel Kirkland.

*Each weekend workshop must be taken in its entirety and cannot be broken up into individual days.

💥 Graduate Continued Education 💥

If you have taken a particular class from the Modern Shaman before and would like to retake it again as a refresher course then you can join us Online or In-Person! 

We always benefit when we practice our techniques and allow ourselves to grow with a group of likeminded Lightworkers! With that in mind, Rachel is now offering a Contined Education Discount class price of $100 for the entire weekend workshop if you reuse your old workbook and materials! (or you can buy a new workbook and toolkit swag bag if you need to, just let us know when you sign up)

Class is truly a one of a kind space to be able to dig in deep, continue with any personal clearing and chakra maintenance, ask relevant questions as you are trying to put things into practice, hone your high level psychic and energy healing skills, and simply integrate all of your gifts at your highest vibrational level!
Now, the ever expanding journey has an open door to join class if you would like to refresh!