Completely Grateful

I have NEVER FELT BETTER in my entire life since our session and it’s only getting better and better as each day goes by! Rachel helped me heal so many ways and I cannot tell you how completely grateful I am!

My eyes feel completely open to a new beginning and I am so happy! I have not felt this good ever, and I can’t stress that enough! I am still healing and working through certain aspects of my life but, seriously Rachel, you don’t realize what a gift you have given to myself and my family!

I am so very excited to finally fully awaken spiritually the way I’ve always wanted and I know the future holds amazing things for me. I just felt it very important to let you know just how much things have changed for me in a few short days. I am so excited for my future now and so excited for all the good that I’m going to be able to give to others. I truly do think you are an amazing gift to this world and to me.

Rachel I will never know how to repay you and I almost want to cry happy tears because you have given me so much and really you’ve given me back the “me” I never saw before. The sky is the limit for me now! I cannot wait to start really opening spiritually and being who I’ve always wanted to be and also being a servant to others in helping them through my own psychic abilities or even just as a person.

Okay, I know I wrote a book here, so I will stop talking, but I just want you to know from the bottom of my heart I have so much love for you and I thank you very much for everything you have done for me in our session. Much love and light with many blessings to you and your family always!

The Modern Shaman