Spiritual Entrepreneur Program





This 8 week program is $2999 and offers weekly expert video modules, step by step downloadable instruction, worksheets and practicum, checklists, and guidelines on how to create a thriving spiritual business!

The pre-requisite for this 8 week intensive program is that you have already taken Rachel’s Master Class for the Sacred Intuitive Arts. If you haven’t taken it yet, Rachel offers a massive $1000 off discount to purchase the Master Class and the Spiritual Entrepreneur course together! 

Rachel will guide you through a weekly development of how to center your business in the heart of your soul. She then builds each weekly assignment and video in order to create a firm foundation to launch your program. Rachel will start from the beginning, walk you through the process, and motivate you along the way! In 8 weeks you will be instructed on the solid steps of how to:

  1. gain clarity on what it is that makes your gift unique, how to brand your gift, and how to stay aligned with your target audience with authenticity of the heart in all you do.
  2. finalize a sustainable spiritual brand, name for your business, logo, and technical financial aspects of your business that involve payment structure and more
  3. build a website with your offerings
  4. create and execute a social media plan for scheduling out promotions, material, and funnels
  5. formalize press, lectures, interviews, podcasts and events to share your expertise
  6. structure and assess yearly, quarterly, and segment – based goals to keep yourself on track
  7. schedule the formal launch your business by the end of the 8 week program!

If you have honed your intuitive gifts and are ready to turn your service into a sustainable career, then this is the program for you! Click on the image below to start now!




“Rachel has this incomparable ability to create a space for growth that is safe, collaborative, and so pure! She is the ultimate mentor! This business program was the most challenging of Rachel’s courses! I walked in with insecurities and she barreled through them with to-do lists and facts. Rachel, you’re a blessing and I will forever hold you in my heart, life and beyond."
– Katie



“Definitely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! The great thing about Rachel’s business program is that she provides steps! One week you make your website, the next you make your YouTube channel videos, then you set up your marketing plan for your launch. You always have a map to follow. If you are thinking of taking the plunge, it’s well worth it! You will be glad you did it!

– Tim




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