The Healing Arts Festival & Market – May 19th

The Exclusive Showcase of Metaphysical Practitioners at The Rim!

May 19th

Event time is 11:00 am – 6:00 pm at the Hilton Garden Inn 5730 Rim Pass

The Healing Arts Festival & Market is San Antonio’s premier showcase of healing arts practitioners and artisans from all modalities! This location has exclusive Psychics, Channelers,  Shamans, Reflexology, Sound Tuning, Astrology, Massage, Energy Healing, Reiki, Numerology, Intuitive Counsel, fine natural crystals, handcrafted Art, Jewelry, and Organic body products. Meet us and discover the unlimited power of healing within you at The Healing Arts Festival & Market at The Rim! And by the way…admission and Parking are FREE!!! So there are no excuses! Get your booty out here to connect!

If you KNOW you are coming and plan on having a session with me, you can email me (Fill in the Contact Me on this website) and pre-book a set appointment time instead of having to wait in line the day of the festival!

My waiting list can get very long at times so this is a way to secure a slot without having to wait all day!


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