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Psychic & Shamanic Weekend Workshops for those in Japan!

The Voice presents 2 weekends of workshops for Psychic Development and Modern Shamanic Healing in Tokyo, Japan

September 15-17th

September 22-24th

October 13-15th

Topics to be covered:

 Psychic Development 2 day Live Online Event

Modern Shamanic Healing 2 day Live Online Event

Rachel was invited to lecture and teach 2 weekend workshops in Japan! Due to the no-travel enforced procedures right now, these will be taught Live Online to her audience! 

There will be a live interpreter to help translate the activities and lecture information. We will dive deep into the paranormal, psychic, and shamanic worlds! They will both be weekends you will never forget! Come join us!

 For more information, questions, and booking information, message us!
Body, Mind, & Spirit Expo in Honolulu, Hawaii

Body, Mind & Spirit Expo in Honolulu, Hawaii

DATE CHANGE: May 1-2, 2021!

Saturday May 1- from 10:00 AM – 6: 00 PM 

Sunday May 2- From 11:00 AM-6:00 PM

Blaisdell Center Hawaii Suites,
777 Ward Ave,
Honolulu, HI.


Rachel is incredibly excited to be back in Hawaii for the Body, Mind, & Spirit Expo in May! It is always a wonderful festival with alternative health modalities as well as the nation’s finest selections of psychics and mediums. 

Mark your calendars and we’ll see you at the expo!

Feel free to pre-book a session for a specific time. (Fill in the Contact Me on this website). This is a truly magical fair with powerful teachers, healers, and vendors. Come on out and connect!


Past Life

“I went to see Rachel for a past life review in hopes to have clarity on some issues my husband and I were having. I had ...

New Meaning

“Rachel’s psychic and spiritual insights have encouraged me to explore my past and present lives with honesty and courage. Her connection with Spirit is palpable ...

Bigger and Better Things

“Rachel’s psychic readings continue to amaze me! She always gives me clarity as well as something new to explore. Her guidance has brought bigger and better things in ...

Not what I Expected

“Honestly, I was kinda freaked out to meet with a psychic, but I met Rachel and when she told me what she did for a ...

Forever Grateful

“I am forever grateful to Rachel Kirkland, my mentor, for guiding me on a path toward higher fulfillment and joy in my life. Her intuition hits ...

Power ball of Insight!

“Don’t let Rachel’s quiet unassuming nature fool you. She is a small psychic power ball of insight and suggestions which have opened up areas in my ...

Deep Confirmation

“Rachel Kirkland is one of the most honest, genuine, and godly of women I know. I’m not sure I would have been open to any ...

You Can Sense It

“Rachel has always been someone that I can rely on for spiritual wisdom and truth. She always speaks honesty in love and her intuition and ...

Very Specific Readings

“The first time I met Rachel, I connected with her immediately. She is an old and wise soul. Rachel’s connection to the spiritual world is ...


“Rachel is a genuine, caring, and gifted person and has made my life better for knowing her.”

Given me the Chills

“Her talent for communicating with spirit guides has given me the chills because of the detailed information she has received. With each reading, she is compassionate ...

Further Along my Path

“Rachel is one of those people you meet and instantly feel a connection. An intuitive, articulate person with a beautiful soul, my experience with her ...

Gifted Psychic

“I just had my first reading with Rachel and she said things which I strongly resonated with. Prior to the reading, I had a feeling ...

Blown Away

Amazing and on point with validations!

Best Medium I’ve Ever Seen

The Modern Shaman, Rachel Kirkland, was able to communicate with my mother and father like no one I have ever been to! I was in ...

Crazy Connected

Rachel blows other psychic’s out of the water! She is so connected it’s crazy! Be prepared, because she rocked my world and I’m still trying ...

Imprint on my Soul

I left after having a session with Rachel feeling so calm and peaceful. She just left her imprint on my soul! I’m so grateful for meeting her and how ...

Incredibly Moved

Incredibly moved by the psychic coaching session I had today. I can’t stop crying processing everything! I got to meet my Spirit Guides, which was ...

Goddess Energy

I had a wonderfully insightful psychic coaching session with Rachel this morning! She has such Divine Goddess energy! I’m half a continent away, and it ...

Super Specific

I first met Rachel at a Mystic Fair and really liked her energy. It was a good reading but too short at 20 minutes. After ...
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